Amazon Golf Finds

Our team is always looking for new ways to make the game of golf more enjoyable and less expensive. We have found some great items on Amazon that we know you'll love too! All these products are either personal favorites or come highly recommended by our customers. 

New Golf Balls

If not buying used golf balls from us - why not check out the hottest models of balls available with free Amazon Prime Shipping?


Training Aids

Whether you're a professional playing on one of the world's top-ranked courses or just some guy trying to get better at golf, there are tools that can take your game up another notch. Training aids range from simple things like balls and clubs to items that will help you self correct your swing. 


Golf Gloves

You will want to get some new gloves soon, so don't forget about these popular options!



The key to lowering your scores is distance control. Adding a range finder in the golf bag can help you with this by letting know exactly how far away from the pin it'll be when trying for an accurate shot, and here are some of our favorite ones!



Speakers are a great investment for any golfer looking to liven up their rounds of golf! With these speakers, you can enjoy quality equipment at lower costs than other brands, so you can enjoy playing all day long without breaking the bank!



Keep your beer cold while you play with these compact, yet effective coolers. There are many options available to suit any golfer's style!


Golf Shoes

We know the importance of keeping your feet comfortable when you're out on the course, but why not do it with some style too? These golf shoes have an eye-catching design and lightweight construction that will make all those around see how great you look while staying comfortable.


Golf Bags

These bags are perfect for the avid golfer. They can be used on any course and come with a variety of features that will help you stay organized!


Push Carts

The right push cart can make your round much more enjoyable. CaddyTek and Sun Mountain both make great choices, so find the one that best suits you!


Women's and Junior's Sets

Junior's sets are surprisingly affordable and there is not much of a resale market for these types of clubs, so we recommend buying new. Below you'll find some great starters or an upgrade from your current set!