How to Ship Golf Clubs

Shipping used golf clubs can be expensive and a hassle if you don't know what you're doing, especially now that USPS has added a $15 charge for boxes over 30" in length. Here's some tips from someone who has shipped hundreds of used golf clubs.

Finding a box

Whenever you buy used golf clubs, make sure to save the box for when you need to ship clubs! If you don't have a box, try going to your local golf shop and asking if they have any you can take - most shops will have one they will be willing to part with. If you can't find one, UPS has boxes available for sale that will fit used golf clubs. 

Prepaying Online

Once you have your clubs packed up, decide on what shipping service to use. For used golf clubs, we recommend using UPS and prepaying for the shipment online. Prepaying online can help reduce costs of shipping and helps you avoid the line when you drop off at the store. 

Shipping Provider Rankings & Discount Codes

1) UPS (Use code 'New' for up to 30% savings)

2) Pirate Ship (Offers discounted rates using UPS & USPS)

3) FedEx (No code found, 3rd best option)

4) USPS (No code found and $15 charge for boxes over 30") 

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