What Type of Golf Ball Should I Use?

So you’ve been asking the question, "What golf ball should I use?" But it's not always a straightforward one. We're here to help!

When you're looking for the perfect ball to play in your next round, there are a few factors that should be considered. Your swing speed and preference in feel will determine which type of material best suits you as well as price point; all these things together help narrow down what kind or brand might work better with how expensive it is for each individual player!

Premium Golf Balls

Premium golf balls are used on the PGA Tour for a reason. The top-tier balls have high compression cores and multi layer constructions that optimize distance off of each tee shot, provide control in shorter shots with reduced spin around greens which increases your chance at making putts look easy!

Premium balls you can’t go wrong with: Titleist ProV1/1x, Taylormade TP5/5x, Callaway Chrome Soft

Soft Golf Balls

With a soft golf ball, you will enjoy some more control and better feel around the green. The lower compression makes it easier for slow speed players to hit their shots with accuracy while still providing good distance off of tee boxes or difficult lies. Another benefit of playing a soft feel golf ball is that they tend to cost less than premium models which can save you some serious money. 

Soft balls you can’t go wrong with: Titleist Tour Soft, Bridgestone Tour B, Callaway Supersoft, Callaway ERC Soft

Last Thought…Consistency!

The key to shooting lower scores is consistency. If you play the same ball every time, then there will be no difference in performance from various balls and this can lead your shots to being more consistent and accurate. While we know it can be tempting to try different golf balls, we recommend playing the same ball for your whole round and waiting to switch it up until the next time you tee off!


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